Reptilian Fever

“This Wednesday brought us not one, but two BioBlitzes! So while Bristol was treated to UWE’s BioBlitz I went over to Royal Holloway University just on the edge of London to see what could be found there. Yet again the campus was pretty stunning and they had some great woodland and a pond which was full of life, along with lots of schoolchildren eager to find it. Before the event had even started and I was stumbling about the campus trying to find my bearings I spotted something mammalian splashing away from me in a stream and during the BioBlitz itself we made some great finds, including a pair of smooth newts and a frog called Bob. Everyone had a great time and impressively not a single person fell in the pond! Thanks to Phil, Jerome and all their volunteers for putting on another great event! Just a few more BioBlitzes to go in 2010 now, and the next one is tomorrow in Canterbury, so hopefully see you there!”

Will Hinchliffe, National BioBlitz Officer


Royal Holloway BioBlitz

The Royal Holloway Mini-BioBlitz will be taking place from 1pm – 4pm on 20 October 2010 on campus at the pond and woodland area. To view go to http://www.rhul.ac.uk/aboutus/ourcampus/home.aspx and click on the camera at the bottom which says woodland walks to explore the area through a virtual tour.

We have one school confirmed as attending with their year 6 group of 77 children and staff members on top.

Our Bio Science Department have kindly lent us equipment such as nets, jars, trays and baskets for collecting species to identify, and also with large magnifiers, and microscopes to assist with this task. There will be ID cards to match against, with some specialist help form staff and students in this field.

Royal Holloway students wishing to volunteer should email volunteering@rhul.ac.uk and put ‘BioBlitz’ in the email title. All the equipment needed will be provided and they will get a t-shirt, drink and snack for helping out. They will need to meet at Jane Holloway Hall for 1pm.